How to Loadhost From Network Node Manager?

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I get an easy way to add nodes in the Network Node Manager. This trick is good enough because it only once, with a note on the need to add a node same subnet.

  1. Open your editor mode like notepad, wordpad, notepad++ (some your editor favourite can be use) but my advice use notepad is enough.
  2. Put your node in file C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\host open with your favorite editor.
  3. Like put in host file the format like this:

    Example: Backup of Server

    Save your file name node.txt in path d:\
  4. Open in command prompt and use this syntax:
    loadhosts -v -m

    loadhosts -v -m d:\node.txt

Thats my tutorial for loadhosts in Network Node Manager. Hope this tutorial is useful.