Delete Node in OVPI 5.3

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To delete one or more existing nodes, follow these steps:

  1. From the Node Management window, select one or more nodes that you want to delete by highlighting the corresponding rows.
  2. Click Delete button, a deletion confirmation window will be display. Its appearance will differ depending on whether you selected one or multiple nodes.
  3. Do one of the following:

    If selected only one node, click Yes to delete the polling policy.
    If selected multiple node, do this following:

    1. Click Yes to All to delete all of the nodes.
    2. Click Yes to delete the node that currently is displayed in the confirmation window.
    3. Click No to skip the node that currently is displayed in the confirmation window.
    4. Click Cancel to close the window without deleting any of the selected nodes.

Thats from OVPI admin guide, but it always failed to delete node in OVPI. I found this step from HP OpenView Forum (when I try to ask Open View Forum) and they told me to unmanaged the node first then try to delete. Here step for OVPI version 5.3:

  • Login to management console->Administration->Node_Management->Managed Nodes.
  • Select the node listed in the box and click on Edit
  • Mark it as unavailable. This will stop the node polling
  • Go to object select the node You want to delete button on file pull down menu Delete Progression or in taskbar.

Try first and make a comment with this solution to delete node in OVPI