Google Shell

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Ini dia inovasi terbaru, coba klik goosh (google shell). Tipe search engine yang memafaatkan tampilan inovatif berupa shell.

Goosh 0.4.4-beta #1 Tue, 03 Jun 08 22:59:00 UTC Google/Ajax

Welcome to - the unofficial google shell.

This google-interface behaves similar to a unix-shell.
You type commands and the results are shown on this page.

goosh is written by Stefan Grothkopp <>
it is NOT an official google product!

Your language has been set to: en (use lang to change it)

Enter help or h for a list of commands.> help

web(search,s,w)[keywords]google web search
lucky(l)[keywords]go directly to first result
images(image,i)[keywords]google image search
wiki(wikipedia)[keywords]wikipedia search
clear the screen
help(man,h,?)[command]displays help text
news(n)[keywords]google news search
blogs(blog,b)[keywords]google blog search
feeds(feed,f)[keywords]google feed search
open url in new window
open url
get more results
search in a specific website

load an extension
video(videos,v)[keywords]google video search
read feed of url
place(places,map,p)[address]google maps search

change language

add goosh to firefox search box
translate(trans,t)[lang1] [lang2] google translation
[command]lists commands

change mode
- Enter green commands without parameters to change default mode.
- Anything that's not a command will search in current default mode.
- Aliases will expand to commands. Numbers will expand to corresponding search results.
- Use cursor up and down for command history.
- Enter keyword and hit the tab-key for tab-completion.> images> cd news> wiki>

Mencarinya pun sangat unik, kalau pengguna produk Microsoft yang terbiasa dengan Command Prompt, kalau pengguna Linux terbiasa dengan Shell. Maka terciptalah goosh. Keterangan lebih lanjut ketik help lalu akan tampil berupa command atau perintah untuk mencari.
Misalnya untuk mencari file gambar bentuk "images biffy clyro". Bisa juga ketik images terlebih dahulu maka lalu cari kata kunci untuk mencari file images/gambar.
Metode pencarian terunik yang pernah gw lakukan.